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Bonjour! You could say a new "French Wave " from the Artful Matt is in motion, as one my forthcoming projects stars a fat cat, Piglatine in a delicious story set in turn-of the century France. Picture a bakery on the outskirts of town...and a hookah shop...a licorice gang and... GASP (!)...bourbon hounds? Intrigued? Yes, it's a mix of unique ingredients, a children's book, pairing my visual creations with the talents of authors, Brian Thomas and Dana Fredsti. We are launched and journey to a 2011 release.

As we embark, I thought you would enjoy watching the development process unfold (like those pesky egg whites that need to be just so!) Below are the character roughs for the main character, Piglatine, a cat who we will see come to life. We have narrowed the design process to 5 contenders, with my work now continuing to transform 3 finalists with additional honing of seraphic and piggish elements. Heh. I would love to hear your comments and look forward to having you witness the developing stages in the coming months.

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